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Aimsperform eBook


Hi there, fellow Health care worker,


We have created the largest Aimsperform answer book on the web, offering all the relevant information and e learning answers, so you're able to complete your course with ease. The eBook is tailored to assist you with your courses and fits perfectly with content.


By using our handy and easy to read eBook, you will be able to succesfully pass your Aimsperform elearning course with ease, we have designed and geared our eBook torwards Healthcare workers like yourself, as we are fully aware that there is always that one answer you just can't figure out.

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Within each care provider using a huge array of courses. Our Aimsperform book is here to support you on which ever course you decide to take. When you sign into the Aimsperform website, you will find many areas of the site offering different courses, luckily our Aimsperform book has all of the answers for all of the courses.

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Courses that we cover inside our Aimsperform eBook:

  • Foundation Health and Safety - Healthcare
  • HSC: Infection Prevention and Control
  • Common Induction Standards
  • Foundation food safety
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Mental Capacity Act Awareness
  • HSC: Dementia Awareness
  • Deprivation of Liberty
  • End of Life Care
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • HSC: Principles of Safeguarding and Protection
  • HSC: Administration of Medication
  • Equality & Diversity Awareness
  • Fire safety Awareness
  • Mental Capacity Act Awareness
  • Epilepsy Awareness
  • Supporting people with Autism
  • Supporting people with LD and Mental Health needs
  • Understanding an individual with LD
  • First Aid Awareness
  • Dementia course
Aimsperform Answers eBook
Aimsperform eBook

Aimsperform eBook

Our exclusive Aimsperform eBook is geared to assist you in passing your Aimsperform course, Our eBook is so handy, it comes with handy search features so your able to search for the answers quickly. It is also easy to read, meaning there is no jargon!


Table of Contents

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